PCR gargle test

The gentle alternative to the classic PCR test: the PCR test for gargling. No uncomfortable swab deep in the nose and throat, no choking, no watery eyes and yet just as safe and reliable.

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How the PCR gargle test works

The PCR gargle test involves vigorously rinsing the throat with saline for 20 seconds. The viruses and virus-infected cells detach and are spat into a test tube with the solution.

The sample is then examined in the laboratory for genetic material of the virus. With the help of the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR for short), parts of the genetic material of the virus are multiplied. In this way, infected people with a very low viral load can also be detected.

The PCR gargle test with us // Certified, fast, safe

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That is why you should choose the PCR gargle test

There are several reasons to choose the gargle test.

Painless sampling

To collect the sample, you rinse your throat with a saline solution and then spit it into a container. This is completely painless. The unpleasant swab in the nose and throat is no longer necessary.

Very high reliability through RT-PCR method

Recent studies indicate that the gargle PCR test is as safe and reliable as a traditional nasopharyngeal swab Covid-19 PCR test. The sample is examined in the laboratory using the same RT-PCR method, only the sampling differs. The RT-PCR method is considered to be very reliable and considerably safer than a rapid antigen test.


We always offer our services as cheaply as possible, because access to tests for as many people as possible and breaking the chain of infection are important to us.

Suitable for travel

Our evidence of your score is NAAT EU compliant and usable for international travel.

Easy to use

The sample delivery in the form of throat rinsing water is very easy to carry out by simply gargling for a period of 20 seconds. Even primary school children can use the method safely under supervision.


Depending on your needs and our availability, you can have your test result emailed to you in our laboratories and test stations within half an hour, on the same day or within 24 to 36 hours.


To protect you from counterfeiting, you will receive a personal, verifiable QR code (BärCODE) with your result.

If you are interested in group or company bookings for a PCR gargle test, please contact us.

Are you planning to carry out group or company-wide tests or would you like to take protective measures for your meetings and events?

With our mobile test station, we offer you the opportunity to test your employees or guests for acute SARS-CoV-2 infections directly on site using gargle, antigen or RT-PCR tests. In this way you avoid waiting times and receive your test results quickly, with high reliability and tailored to your individual needs.

In our test stations, too, we offer the opportunity to test groups – even outside opening hours. Send us an inquiry by email or contact us by phone during our opening hours.

Questions about the PCR gargle test

How is the gargle test different from the swab test?

There are two ways to conduct a Covid-19 rehearsal.

The most well-known method is the nose and throat swab. A very thin cotton ball, the so-called swab, is first inserted into the throat and then into the nose.

Gargling is a relatively new technique. In the meantime, the World Health Organization (WHO) has equated this to nose and throat swabs in terms of accuracy. This method is already used as a standard in Vienna. The advantage: it’s easy, doesn’t hurt and is more comfortable for people.

Should I make an appointment for the PCR gargle test?

Scheduling a visit is not necessary. We recommend advance registration and payment at berlin-coronatest.de to avoid having to wait. Fast lane access will be available in this case..

When should I get tested regarding travel restrictions of my airline or destination country?

Please note that the PCR gargle test evaluation takes 24 – 36 hours in 98% of cases, very rarely longer. If the airline or your country of entry has time constraints, you must find out for yourself whether the departure time or the arrival time is decisive and what happens if it is a connecting flight. We cannot make a general statement on this. Please find out more from official bodies and your airline.

Due to the precarious global situation and the fact that travel regulations and restrictions can change at very short notice, we always advise you to select a flight that can be changed or canceled.

From what age can the PCR gargle test be booked?

We carry out the PCR gargle test from the age of 6 years. Parents must accompany children aged 6 or 14 and under 16 to the test. In order to be able to register your child with the correct date of birth, please contact our service team via email or our colleagues on site.

Adolescents from the age of 16 may book and take tests independently, but must present a declaration of consent from a legal guardian for the test.

Why do you offer the gargling test too?

You will receive a PCR test from us, which is carried out as a gargle test. This is a less common method that we offer you for several reasons. Many people find gargling to be more pleasant than a swab in the mouth and nose. Children from the age of six can also get a PCR test from us. In addition, the test can be carried out completely without direct contact with us.

The gargling method is now recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an alternative to nose and throat swabs. And in Vienna, the method is already being used as a standard. The Apotheken-Umschau reported on this.

Scientific background and further information:

Saliva from the back of the mouth and throat and nasopharyngeal swabs have similar detection rates in point-of-care laboratory diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2 detection. Since saliva can be easily collected, the use of saliva is recommended as an alternative sample type for SARS-CoV-2 detection. (to the entire study: Europe PMC)

Expanding the methods used beyond the common nasal or throat swabs can ensure that the number of people screened increases significantly and the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled more effectively. (to the entire study: PubMed)

Why is your PCR gargle test so cheap?

We are able to offer our PCR gargle tests so cheaply because our processes are different from those in conventional medical practices, where findings still have to be filled out manually and one after the other.

Many people currently need tests to detect a SARS-CoV-2 infection. For this large number of people, adapted processes simply have to be found and we have developed them. We implement them in cooperation with other effective partners, such as our laboratory.

We save time because we have improved processes, rethought them and increasingly digitized them. And if you save time, you also save money. And that, in turn, we can offer you as a great price advantage. We are very happy about that.

What is the procedure for the PCR gargle test?

The PCR gargle test involves vigorously rinsing the throat with saline for 20 seconds. The viruses and virus-infected cells detach and are spat into a test tube with the solution.

The sample is then examined in the laboratory for genetic material of the virus. With the help of the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR for short), parts of the genetic material of the virus are multiplied. In this way, infected people with a very low viral load can also be detected.

When and how to get the result of the PCR gargle test?

After the test has been carried out, the sample is sent to a laboratory and analyzed there. You will then receive your result as a PDF document at the e-mail address you provided. If necessary, you can print this out yourself.

In 98% of cases, your result will be delivered in 24 – 36 hours.

The evaluating laboratory works independently of the opening hours of our test stations. Accordingly, your test result can also be delivered outside of our regular opening hours (also at night or during the early hours of the morning).

What is the PCR gargle test?

The most reliable method to diagnose an infection with SARS-CoV-2 is the so-called PCR test. Some users find it uncomfortable or even painful because of the swab in the nose and throat. This is where the PCR gargle test (also known as a throat rinse test) can help: It’s child’s play to use and absolutely painless.

After gargling with a special solution, the sample is examined in the laboratory for traces of genetic material by increasing the genetic material of any viruses that may be present many times over. In this way, clear detection is possible even with a very low viral load.

Which date will be included on my test result?

Your test result will include date and time of both test implimentation and issuance of test result.

Are the PCR gargle tests officially approved?

All of our PCR gargle tests are carriedout by our laboratory doctor in an officially recognized and licensed German laboratory

When and why should I get tested?

The best way to prevent transmission of Covid-19 is to protect yourself and others from infection. It is important to comply with hygiene measures and reduce contact with other people. For additional security or in the event of suspected illness, there is also the possibility of an upcoming contact – e.g. B. before meeting family and friends, visiting the hospital and retirement home or returning to work – to test for an infection.

If you want to shorten your quarantine period after returning from a risk area, you can also do this with the corresponding test since December 1st, 2020. The federal and state governments agreed on this. (Source: Berlin.de)

In addition, in the current situation, antigen tests and, in some cases, PCR tests are required by countries to enter the country. You can find out when you need which test in order to travel or enter the country on the website of the Federal Foreign Office in the category ‘Travel safely’.

What happens if the test is positive?

If an infection is suspected, you are to be regarded as infectious for other people. It is therefore imperative that you go into quarantine immediately and that the measures recommended by the RKI are initiated in cooperation with the health department. In addition, the result of a positive antigen rapid test should be checked using a PCR test, especially in healthy people who have no symptoms and have not had contact with a sick person. If the test result is positive, you will then receive information on how to proceed.

Since Covid-19 is a notifiable disease according to the Infection Protection Act, we are also obliged to report it to the responsible health authority and thus initiate further action. You can find the responsible health authority on this website: https://tools.rki.de/PLZTool/

You need more information regarding actual situations, restrictions and requirements? Please inform yourself on the internet sites of public authorities:

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