PCR and Antigen Corona tests for groups and companies

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Are you planning to implement group or company-wide testing or want to take protective measures for your event?

Our mobile test station makes it possible to test staff or guests for acute SARS-CoV-2 infections via Antigen or RT-PCR tests, directly on site. This allows you to avoid wait times and receive your test results quickly, with high reliability, and tailored to your individual needs.

We also offer the option to test groups in our test stations even outside of regular operating hours. Send us your query by email or contact us by phone during our opening hours.

Phone: +49 30 280 44 836

E-Mail: [email protected]


Are you considering opening your own test station? More information can be found here.

Mobile Test Station

Using our mobile test station, we can collect test samples on your premises, allowing you and your employees to avoid inconvenient journeys and possible waits. All test types that are possible in our test stations can also be performed on your premises.

Our requirements: On site, we only need a room with two or three tables as well as access to toilets and a washhand basin/sink for our staff. The premises should have windows that can be opened for ventilation or be equipped with a ventilation system. Wifi access to speed up data processing is preferred, but not mandatory.

Which types of tests are available?

  • Our mobile test station allows us to test on your premises using any of our available test types – Antigen Rapid Test, swab PCR, or gargle PCR. Which test best suits your individual needs can be determined with the help of our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • We use specific manufacturers on request, but always up-to-date and reliable tests with at least a specificity of 100% and a sensitivity of 98.5%.

The Testing Process

  • The persons to be tested must independently register in our DSGVO compliant registration form. Additionally, they may sign an optional statement of assignment of rights so that we may share the test results with you as the employer.
  • We will send you a company invoice.
  • We have capacity for several thousand test subjects a day.
  • Testing is possible on a one-time, daily, or weekly basis.
  • Alternatively, we offer the option of our medical team providing medical training to your staff, allowing you to take gargle PCR samples in-house. In this case, we deliver the materials necessary for sample collection to you and subsequently collect them for transport to our lab.

How much does it cost?

  • Our prices are 21.00 Euro netto per Antigen Rapid Test and 42.01 Euro netto per RT-PCR test.
  • For our mobile test station, we charge an hourly rate of 38.00 Euro netto per staff member.
  • There is an additional travel flat fee of at least 50 Euro netto depending on distance.
  • Discounts for regular bookings and/or a high number of people are possible.
  • Contact us for an individual offer.

Would you like to book mobile testing or have further questions? Contact us by email or phone, we are happy to help.

Phone: +49 30 280 44 836

Email: [email protected]

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